How To Make A Propeller Clock


Once upon a time, lifes goes on as usual, boring. Until one day my friend showing me a weird clock on youtube. i said “wow, that was awesome!”, “how it works?”, “i should make one!”. Basically, i have experienced on electronic DIY stuffs. i started to figure out on how to make it, lots of information found. so basicaly, propeller clock based on POV (Persistence of vision)

The clock’s graph formed by cheating human eyes, one array of leds burst on constant interval/delay in one motor rotation, continuously (in this case  divided to 360 degree in one rotation, can be more for higher resolution).

After i’ve found, understand, (and yet still confused on how it works :P). i started making prototypes with existing MCU module (atmega8535), wired to array of 8 leds. it works, and not good!! it’s too heavy, no index reference, the text is very unstable. i need to design new board which is lighter and throw out all unnecessary components. there are two web site that i’m using as references, when building this clock.

i used the codes from there with lots of modification, original code is writen using ICCAVR, i converted it to AVR Studio.

i used his isolated power supply, to power up the propeller clock module.

For remote control, it was stolen from here: 😀


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Simple Email Blacklist Using Spamassassin Plugin And RBLDNSD


This is not new idea, actually. someone at spamassassin plugin developers have been made before. basically, the idea was put email addresses in RBLDNSD zone dnset format, ie:



So, we replace @ sign into dot (.) sign. that way, we can save the email addresses into the RBLDNSD dnset zone.


create emailbl zone, meta information


: $ - Not receiving email right now.


$NS 1w
$SOA 1w 0 2h 2h 1w 1h
$DATASET generic @
@ A
@ MX 10
@ TXT "example email blocklist"

in /etc/sysconfig/rbldnsd

RBLDNSD="dsbl -r/var/lib/rbldns/dsbl -t 300 -b \,emailbl

ofcourse we should delegate the subdomain in authoritative nameserver

; subdomain delegation	IN NS			IN A

start rbldnsd service

service rbldnsd start

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