May 102016

required: inotify-tools

first create this bash script, let’s name it as

while true; do
	inotifywait -e modify /etc/postfix/transport
	postmap hash:/etc/postfix/transport

make it executable

chmod 755

run the script

./ > /dev/null 2>&1&

this script will stay on background proccess.

try modify transport file smtp:[x.x.x.x]:25 smtp:[x.x.x.x]:25

save it, and test it

postmap -q hash:/etc/postfix/transport


Apr 142016

i have already made this project previuosly using arduino uno, wiznet w5100 ethernet shield and 4 channel relay shield. But using Arduino nano + ENC29J60 lot cheaper. not mention it has smaller size. Once you get this badboy online on your network, you can control every device in your house using your smartphone or any gadget you have(that rely on your coding skill, ofcourse).

let’s the fun begin 🙂

wait, as usual i don’t do lots of talk so here’s the schematic and arduino code.

YouTube Preview Image

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