Jun 202008

K800i firmware R8BF003 MAIN/FS


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  1. Thanks guys you saved my phone and I’m very greatfull. Email is bogus soz.. Thanks again… xxxxx

  2. thanks god because of i have this frinds

  3. sorry i want this main but for cid 53.can i use this main instan of cid52?

  4. for safety just used this MAIN and FS just for cid52.

  5. Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  6. So nice of your dear to add such a great item….. thanx again i fixed my father’s mobile problem

  7. Can i flash my k800i with firmware R8BF003 RED 53 with this 52

  8. uhmm..i’m not so sure, it was long time ago since i quit flashing/moding my k800i using this firmware, i don’t know if it’s backward compatible. so you’d better ask to forum for safety reason.
    i bricked my cellphone once because of wrong firmware.

    good luck


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