Dec 042009

I own this beautiful K800i phonecell about 3 years more or less. The great things is K800i’s email client support for smtp authentication, imap, pop3, ssl, tls, port customization. I will show you how to plant my self signed smtp server certificate into K800i

First of all we need to copy the certificate to have a .cer extension. The phone uses this as the clue that the file is a certificate and will ask if it is to be installed.

Self signed cert for ougoing SMTP

# cd /etc/postfix
# cp cacert.pem smtp.cer
# more smtp.pem   
---- snip ----
---- snip ----
---- snip ----

Self signed cert for imap/pop3

# cd /usr/lib/courier-imap/share
# grep -B 17 "END CERTIFICATE" imapd.pem > imapd.cer
# more imapd.cer
---- snip ----
---- snip ----
---- snip ----

Do it same way for pop3 certificate

# grep -B 17 "END CERTIFICATE" pop3d.pem > pop3d.cer
# more pop3d.cer
---- snip ----
---- snip ----
---- snip ----

Now we can download those 3 certificates from server using scp or any good ftp tool

Next step is planting self signed certificates to K800i, We can use bluetooth, In my case i used MyPhoneExplorer, using USB data cable. You can download the latest version here

Before connecting K800i to computer, don’t forget install K800 usb driver.or MyPhoneExplorer won’t listing k800 usb device.

Here is the step:

  • Open MyPhoneExplorer
  • Goto menu FIle then klik “Connect or F1” (MyPhoneExplorer will automatically detect K800i)
  • Click on Files (at left menu) ther’s sub menu will expand
  • Click on application (i Know this supposed to be java apps installer tool, but it also work for installing certificates, in mycase/hopefully yours too).
  • Click on Cup Image on the top(install java application)
  • It will pop “open Dialog” then pick one of our certificates we have downloaded. e.g emtp.cer
  • Look at the phone, K800i will pop Dialog asking us if we agree to install certificate, click left navigation bar(yes) on the phone.
  • Do it same way for others certificates.
  • done

To check the certificate do Settings > Security > Certificates > Trusted certificates. The new certificate will appear in the list.

Now we can Using IMAP with tls/ssl, SMTP outgoing with tls/ssl (using authentication). I will discuss it in another story 🙂

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I think it is helpful, because I’ve not applied these methods yet. Would you please make the way to download a trusted certificate easier?

    Is there any way to download trusted certificate for facebook or gmail secure browsing?

  2. Nice

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