Aug 072009

I’m not sure if it’s necessary for greylisting in ipv6 smtp right now, seems spammer haven’t move their target on ipv6 smtp server yet.After wandering around for couple of hour with google, i’ve finally found application that’s suitable for my postfix greylisting.i’m using milter-greylist previously, but seems like postfix didn’t have {if_addr} in its milter macros and i have to apply workaround.

so i decided using sqlgrey for easiness sake 🙂

Current state

SQLgrey gained the following features since the beginning:

* SQLgrey can withstand a database crash (grey-listing is automatically switched off)
* 3 grey-listing algorithms to choose from
* Support for file-based IP and FQDN whitelists
* Support for fetching up-to-date whitelists from a repository
* Can mail the admin when the database is unavailable
* Auto-whitelists now understand SRS (SPF-aware mail forwarding)
* IPv6 support
* OPTIN / OPTOUT support
* Fine log controls
* Activity reports

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