Oct 192012

This is not new idea, actually. someone at spamassassin plugin developers have been made before. basically, the idea was put email addresses in RBLDNSD zone dnset format, ie:



So, we replace @ sign into dot (.) sign. that way, we can save the email addresses into the RBLDNSD dnset zone.


create emailbl zone, meta information


: $ - Not receiving email right now.


$NS 1w ns.example.com ns.example.com
$SOA 1w ns.example.com admin.example.com 0 2h 2h 1w 1h
$DATASET generic @
@ A
@ MX 10 mx.example.com
@ TXT "example email blocklist"

in /etc/sysconfig/rbldnsd

RBLDNSD="dsbl -r/var/lib/rbldns/dsbl -t 300 -b \

ofcourse we should delegate the subdomain emailbl.example.com in example.com authoritative nameserver

; subdomain delegation
emailbl.example.com.	IN NS ns.example.com.
ns.example.com.			IN A

start rbldnsd service

service rbldnsd start

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Nov 152011

Someone asked me if i can make a perl scripts that can change the ip address based on time interval, say he want ip address used within one hour, if done next ip address will be used within next one hour..and so on. when it came to highest number of ip address in array, they will be reset back to the start. first i suggest him to look at the articles i wrote. But then i decide to write Perl script which was made for the purposes mention above.

here we are..

Postfix section:

master.cf inet  n       n       n       -       0      spawn
          user=nobody argv=/etc/postfix/ip_by_time.pl

ip1  unix -       -       n       -       -       smtp
          -o syslog_name=postfix-ip1
          -o smtp_helo_name=smtp1.example.com
          -o smtp_bind_address=

ip2  unix -       -       n       -       -       smtp
          -o syslog_name=postfix-ip2
          -o smtp_helo_name=smtp2.example.com
          -o smtp_bind_address=

ip3  unix -       -       n       -       -       smtp
          -o syslog_name=postfix-ip3
          -o smtp_helo_name=smtp3.example.com
          -o smtp_bind_address=

ip4  unix -       -       n       -       -       smtp
          -o syslog_name=postfix-ip4
          -o smtp_helo_name=smtp4.example.com
          -o smtp_bind_address=


transport_maps = tcp:[]:2527 = 3600s

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