Jan 022010

Recently there have been requests for sending mail with source IP addresses that depend on the envelope sender, it’s very usefull to protect IP-based domain reputations of different customers.

New Feature in postfix postfix-2.7-20091209 is sender_dependent_default_transport_maps

sender_dependent_default_transport_maps (default: empty)

    A sender-dependent override for the global default_transport parameter setting.
    The tables are searched by the envelope sender address and @domain.
    A lookup result of DUNNO terminates the search without overriding the global default_transport parameter setting.
    This information is overruled with the transport(5) table.

    Note: this overrides default_transport, not transport_maps, and therefore the expected syntax is that of default_transport.
          This feature does not support the transport_maps syntax for null transport, null nexthop, or null email addresses.

    For safety reasons, this feature does not allow $number substitutions in regular expression maps.

    This feature is available in Postfix 2.7 and later.

Create file called sdd_transport_maps.regexp:

/@customer1-dom\.tld$/		customer1:
/@customer2-dom\.tld$/		customer2:
/@customer3-dom\.tld$/		customer3:
..... next .....

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Sep 162009

Here’s how to do it

# ( cat <<HEADERS; cat /root/file.html) | sendmail -oi -t
From: sender@domain.tld
To: recipients@domain.tld
Subject: we send HTML instead of plain text
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-type: text/html
Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit

HEADERS <- type CTRL+D then press ENTER

We should set Mime-Version , Content-Transfer-Encoding and Content-Type headers properly. The issue of correct MIME transfer encoding is one of the many possible complexities which is simply ignored here.

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