Apr 152011

webcam streaming

I was experimenting with cheap webcam, vlc on my windows xp workstation. Playing directly using vlc, performance was adequate. but when it came accross network/WAN, delay started increasing between 4-5 seconds(video/audio). i suspect, transcoding are behind these streaming lag. i don’t know what is the best tuning. but here’s the final setting.

start /high vlc.exe --logo-file avatar.png dshow:// :dshow-vdev="VideoCAM Eye" :dshow-adev="SigmaTel Audio" :dshow-caching="0" :sout=#transcode{vcodec=h264{keyint=15,vbv-maxrate=160,vbv-bufsize=160},acodec=mp3,deinterlace,samplerate=44100,sfilter=logo}:std{access=http{mime=video/x-flv},mux=ffmpeg{mux=flv},dst=,sdp=sap://,name="Webcam 3G"} --ttl 12

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Oct 142009

ipv6 if

This command displays interface information.

    D:\Documents and Settings\harry>ipv6 if 7
    Interface 7: Ethernet: Local Area Connection
      Guid {3FCF938D-344F-4515-8CA2-3FA8801C15C3}
      zones: link 7 site 2
      uses Neighbor Discovery
      uses Router Discovery
      link-layer address: 00-19-d1-ea-ee-16
        preferred global 2001:470:19:13c:219:d1ff:feea:ee16, life 29d23h59m59s/6d23h59m59s (public)
        preferred link-local fe80::219:d1ff:feea:ee16, life infinite
        multicast interface-local ff01::1, 1 refs, not reportable
        multicast link-local ff02::1, 1 refs, not reportable
        multicast link-local ff02::1:ffea:ee16, 2 refs, last reporter
      link MTU 1500 (true link MTU 1500)
      current hop limit 64
      reachable time 19000ms (base 30000ms)
      retransmission interval 1000ms
      DAD transmits 1
      default site prefix length 48

ipv6 rt

This command displays the current contents of the routing table.

    D:\Documents and Settings\harry>ipv6 rt
    ::/0 -> 7/fe80::20c:29ff:fe1e:b535 pref 256 life 26s (autoconf)
    2001:470:19:13c::/64 -> 7 pref 8 life 29d23h59m56s (autoconf)

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