Resume of Hari Hendaryanto
Technical Skills

Certifications: Windows 2003 server Active Directory(PDC), Visual C++
Systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows
Programming: c, c++, php, perl, bash
Protocols & Services: HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, SNMP, POP/IMAP, PROXY, DNS, IPv4 & IPv6

Work History

pt. citra sari makmur
Network Control Service at VSAT hub station march 1997 – 2001
Technical Support march 1997 – 2001
General Tasks:

  • troubleshoot issues relating to x.25, sdlc, async, tcp/ip, satellite communication devices.

Technical Support 2002 – 2006
General Tasks:

  • MIS pc support, trouble shooting, maintain PDC windows 2003 Server Active Directory.
  • maintain smtp service, Internet gateway.

pt. citra sari makmur & trigatra komunikatama
System engineer 2006 – current
General Tasks:

  • develop, maintain all protocols & services HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, SNMP, POP/IMAP, PROXY, DNS, IPv4.

Current Projects:

  • develop, maintain protocols & services HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, POP/IMAP, DNS on IPv6(dual stack), connect via
  • playing around with AVR/atmega MCU and SMD/SMT/TQFP components.

IPv6 Certification Badge for leenoux