Nov 242010

I’m evaluating the AVG 8.5 free Edition for Linux on Centos 5. It’s fairly easy step to setup. Just download the installer, install, update virus definition database.tweak some avgtcpd’s config and voila!! it’s running smoothly. Here’s the step everyone might want to know.

Download avg 8.5 installer

$ wget -t0 -c


$ sudo rpm -ivh avg85flx-r863-a3205.i386.rpm

start the service (in this case i was using init.d script)

$ sudo /etc/init.d/avgd start

Verify if avgtcpd is running

$ sudo netstat -pltn | grep avgtcpd
tcp        0      0   *                   LISTEN      10839/avgtcpd
tcp        0      0   *                   LISTEN      10839/avgtcpd

Update virus definition database

$ sudo avgupdate

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