Aug 062010


As part of Dyn Inc.’s IPv6 implementation plan, has recently made a new IPv6 nameserver available for Custom DNS and Secondary DNS customers. Whether you’re looking to get a jump on the transition to IPv6 or you’re simply curious, we’ve created this short tutorial to help you make use of the new nameserver.


Before we begin, please note that the information in this article is purely for testing and educational purposes. does not currently guarantee the availability of its IPv6 test servers, so please exercise caution when adding them to the delegation of a domain. Additionally, this article does not provide instructions for configuring IPv6 in your environment, and assumes that you have already done so.

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Sep 202009

I was realy surprised on how easy it was to set up hosting using google apps. Fisrt of all, all we need is just go here and fill out the application.

if you’re using it for family, private user or non-profit organisation google apps is freely to use. Of course we can Upgrade to Google Apps Premier Edition for bigger storage at 25 GB per user.

The first step of the application is to enter your domain name, if you already have one. Or you can buy a new domain name through Google which automatically sets everything up for you.

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