Jun 142011

In this tutorial I will describe how to set up postfix and maildir which can automatically replicate email when email is delivered. We will not touch the postfix configuration at all. we will manipulate maildir directory behavior using ChironFS, instead.

what is ChironFS?

This the Chiron Filesystem. It is a Fuse based filesystem. It’s main purpose is to guarantee filesystem availability using replication. But it isn’t a RAID implementation. RAID replicates DEVICES not FILESYSTEMS.

Things we need before installing chironfs

  • fuse
  • fuse-devel
  • fuse-libs
  • ChironFS source/binary from here

Compile ChironFS source


$ rpmbuild --rebuild chironfs-1.0.0-1.fc8.src.rpm
$ rpm -ivh /path/to/chironfs-1.0.0-1.fc12.rpm

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Jul 092008

To understand how you got into this state, see EXT2-fs: warning: mounting unchecked file system.
Remount it. If /etc/fstab is correct, you can simply type:

# mount -n -o remount / 

If /etc/fstab is wrong, you must give the device name and possibly the type, too: e.g.

# mount -n -o remount -t ext2 /dev/hda2 /