Jul 042008

Nano-Howto to use more than one independent Internet connection.
by Christoph Simon
v1.0, Dec  2, 2001

1. Intro
1.0 Thanks

The solution presented here is based on the patches by Julian Anastasov. Like several other users on the net struggling with this, I believe they fill in yet another gap for using Linux as a very advanced router. It was hard for me not only to get this running for the first time, but also to understand most of the principles. Also in this Julian has proofed to have unlimited patience. Thanks. He also agreed to expose this file on his site:


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Jun 202008

“Mikrotīkls Ltd., known internationally as MikroTik, is a Latvian manufacturer of computer networking equipment. It sells wireless products and routers. The company was founded in 1995, with the intent to sell in the emerging wireless technology market. As of 2007, the company had more than 70 employees.”

Membagi bandwidth secara adil dengan mikrotik

Dengan menggunakan queue type pcq di Mikrotik, kita bisa membagi bandwidth yang ada secara merata untuk para user, saat jaringan pada posisi peak.


  1. Asumsi : Network Address, interface yang mengarah ke pengguna diberi nama Lan, dan interface yang mengarah ke upstream provider diberi nama Public;
  2. Ketikkan di console atau terminal :
          /ip firewall mangle add chain=forward src-address= \
             action=mark-connection new-connection-mark=users-con
          /ip firewall mangle add connection-mark=users-con action=mark-packet \
             new-packet-mark=users chain=forward
          /queue type add name=pcq-download kind=pcq pcq-classifier=dst-address
          /queue type add name=pcq-upload kind=pcq pcq-classifier=src-address
          /queue tree add name=Download parent=Lan max-limit=2048000
          /queue tree add parent=Download queue=pcq-download packet-mark=users
          /queue tree add name=Upload parent=Public max-limit=1024000
          /queue tree add parent=Upload queue=pcq-upload packet-mark=users
          /queue tree add parent=Lan queue=pcq-download packet-mark=users
          /queue tree add parent=Public queue=pcq-upload packet-mark=users
  3. selamat mencoba!!

note: LAN dan INTERNET adalah nama interface.LAN interface ke arah user/client,INTERNET interface ke arah ISP.