Oct 142009

ipv6 if

This command displays interface information.

    D:\Documents and Settings\harry>ipv6 if 7
    Interface 7: Ethernet: Local Area Connection
      Guid {3FCF938D-344F-4515-8CA2-3FA8801C15C3}
      zones: link 7 site 2
      uses Neighbor Discovery
      uses Router Discovery
      link-layer address: 00-19-d1-ea-ee-16
        preferred global 2001:470:19:13c:219:d1ff:feea:ee16, life 29d23h59m59s/6d23h59m59s (public)
        preferred link-local fe80::219:d1ff:feea:ee16, life infinite
        multicast interface-local ff01::1, 1 refs, not reportable
        multicast link-local ff02::1, 1 refs, not reportable
        multicast link-local ff02::1:ffea:ee16, 2 refs, last reporter
      link MTU 1500 (true link MTU 1500)
      current hop limit 64
      reachable time 19000ms (base 30000ms)
      retransmission interval 1000ms
      DAD transmits 1
      default site prefix length 48

ipv6 rt

This command displays the current contents of the routing table.

    D:\Documents and Settings\harry>ipv6 rt
    ::/0 -> 7/fe80::20c:29ff:fe1e:b535 pref 256 life 26s (autoconf)
    2001:470:19:13c::/64 -> 7 pref 8 life 29d23h59m56s (autoconf)

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Oct 132009

I've created small tool(for windows XP/Vista), writen in visual basic 6.this tool was created for switching between static LAN ip to DHCP and back to original static IP (original IP saved in temporary variable) without opening network configuration, And without typing anything, just few mouse click is what we need. This tool using Windows Management Instrumentation for enumerating all network interface, get parameters, and set parameters.

Set objwmiservice = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2")
Set colNIC_Config = objwmiservice.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration WHERE Index='" & _
                    Netconf.strIFIndex(CboIF.ListIndex) & "' AND IPEnabled=TRUE")
Toggle LAN, DHCP, Static IP, Wireless


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